Large Format Printing

Large format printing is used for printing posters and banners for use in business advertising. This process can also be used to enlarge photos to a larger than normal size and for use in the academic world for proper posters and backgrounds for school projects. The prints can be up to 60 inches in length, which is not possible with ordinary printers, unless they take rolls of paper.

If you do engage in doing your own printing of this nature, experts in this specialized field recommend the use of satin paper that is thick This is because this kind of paper dries quite quickly. It is especially good for use with dark colors because the paper absorbs the colors so that they do not run. If you use thinner paper, the colors may bleed and even come through to the back of the paper.

With satin paper for large format printing, you can still roll the paper for easy handling and place it inside a plastic sleeve. When you roll it, it won’t stick and mar the printing job, even in areas of high humidity. If you use glossy paper for this kind of printing, it can take the ink up to three days to dry.

Large format printing is used in printing trade show graphics. There are three ways of doing this:

Digital printing has reduced the costs associated with printing these larger sizes of posters for business, home and academic use. There are no expensive set-up costs involved because you can simply print from the computer once you have the digital image saved in a folder on the hard drive. If you have several jobs to print, you can have one printing while you are preparing the next one.

The printers used for large format printing are available from all brand names in the printer industry. They range in size from 24 to 44 inches in width and are quite expensive.